Monday, February 7

Reenter the Blog

Well guess I'm back folks...
Hopefully, for good.
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Thursday, June 3

A Sad Quote

"I want you but I can't have you..."


Wednesday, May 5


Finally I'm recognized for something.

I've already commented on it.

Lastly, after so long. This is the 80th post


Saturday, May 1

Bad Sensation....

"In the train, smelling some bangla's Armpit,
How I wish, that I was in the Cockpit...
That stench making me wanna Vomit,
It's killing me, so I'm begging you to Stop It..."

Sigh... Yes, I was sardine-d in the train today...
How inconsiderate can this people be? They should at least take a bath, wear a new pair of clothes or the least put on some deodorant, on their off day...

Yup, their stench gave me a grand headache, and now I'm suffering real big time from it...


Tuesday, April 27

The Resolutions

Here is the short follow up on my resolutions...

1. Climbing up. A promotion!!!!!
- Check, Hopefully can maintain.

2. Getting a Laptop and a Camera. Any donations would be appreciated :P
-Laptop check, Camera not yet, but hopefully soon.

3. Get a body like Jacob Black. (Rain's one a bit too ridiculous, 0% fats)
- Still barely any progress....

4. BLOG MORE!!!! That's right, shall not be lazy!!!! Shall re-Vamp too.
- Hopefully this will come in soon...

5. Be more RESPONSIBLE!!!! To partner, family and friends.

6. Picking up a new skill. Sleeping with the light on shall not be considered as one.
- Failed....

So the scored as of, soon to be, May is
1.5 out of 6. Still quite bad... Hopefully the last 7 months things would work out...
Wish me luck.


Thursday, April 22

It's Official.


Sweet Quotes.

She says,

"... I hope I'm not asking too much but I just want you to hold me and never let go."

He says

"... Where every moment spend with you is a moment I treasure..."

She says,

"He says
"Everyday is special,
you have made me believe""

Monday, March 15


"Roses are dead,
Violets are few,
The Auntie next door,
Plants them for you."

Well I definitely like it.

Wednesday, February 17

The Random Post

As the title says,

I like the colour of the drinks

*Now we know,
Lela is always Horny (Look where is she gunning)
Din loves to stuff his hands up Yap's ass
and Yap just love being on top*

The Husband and Wife Deco

Took this while I was sleeping on the balcony.

So Far into Fabul-ary...

Valentine's Day and the first few days of Chinese New Year, have came and gone.
Time to buck up, and work harder to achieve more.

As for "What's New", I've been gaining weight for the past few days

"Lots of Eating + No Exercise = Easy Weight Gaining Session"

Shall re-Motivate myself on losing some fats again.
But before that, some of the goodies that went down to my belly for the past few days,

"Unveiling the Prosperity"

"Reunite Your Tastebud"???

"Revealing the Burger" <<<

>>> "The hidden burger"

"The Curly-ness" <<<
*"Oi, don't steal my fries, Din!!!!"

My Prat-zel?

>>> It looks pretty Normal from this angle.

"HOLY-@#$%, what's that hole doing there?!?!" <<<
Indian plus European.
That's what you get, "Prata + Pretzel = Prat-zel"

Delight from J.Co

>>> "Leaning Yogurt of J.Co"

"Yup, it's been struck by Honey Stars" <<<

Well, that's all the pictures that I have on food, too bad there wasn't any from the Reunion Dinner and Post CNY Dinner...
On to the next agenda, the new stuff. 1 Tee, 1 Polo and 1 Upcoming Jeans.

Tee - Bossini
Polo - Giordano
*"Thanks Din, for the Polo" =D

Jeans - Bossini
*Coming in tomorrow. Look at the receipt in the mean time. =P

That's all folks, hope you enjoyed my poor camera post =P

Saturday, February 13

Valentine's Day... It's That Time Again.

Once again, it's that time of year.
Yes, 14th February.

"The day which florist waits eagerly all year round, for another chance to slaughter.
The day which chocolates are given away.
The day, girls await all year round, for that one guy to say, "Will you be my Valentine's" or "I Love You", and so on..."

Just wanted to share some facts on Valentine's Day that I know of,
I know that it is celebrated, to remember Saint Valentine, he was executed on this very same day, back in the "roman-donkey-age". He is, the guy who secretly marry the male soldier. Male soldiers were forbidden to get married, cause the Emperor back then, didn't wanted his male soldiers to get married, as he thinks that married men are not as capable as single men.

Oh well... With that being said, I would like to wish everyone.

Make sure you all find "LOVE"
Remember girls, it isn't just about taking, it's also about giving too.

Not to forget,